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Her Hope Haven



Her Hope Haven

We created a brand strategy for Her Hope Haven and built a custom website for them

Custom website for a unique film project

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"Her Hope Haven is a comedy-drama about a group of women working the steps toward their sobriety. Set in a women’s inpatient recovery center in Charleston, WV, Her Hope Haven is a place where women are given a chance to get their kids back, their dignity back, stay out of jail, and stay alive."

We created a custom website for Her Hope Haven to showcase their film work and gain support so they can make more episodes.

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Tijah Bumgarner
Her Hope Haven

Our approach

We used insights from our brand strategy as a foundation for Her Hope Haven's website and created a clean site where users could easily find the information they wanted.
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We created our signature strategy booklet with insights on their audience, messaging, and brand voice

Visual Direction

We used the strategy to develop a strong visual direction for the website - matching the tone to the film project's aesthetic


We designed and developed their site with their audience in mind


We launched a brand new website that showcases Her Hope Haven.
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