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LaMonte Lamoureux



LaMonte Lamoureux

We worked with LaMonte to create branding that felt personal yet had a fine art feel

We worked with LaMonte on brand strategy, design, and are building his new website platform

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LaMonte is an artist out of California who needed branding and a website to support his growing business. Through thoughtful brand strategy, and intentional design, we were able to create branding that felt elevated and fresh.

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Lamonte Lamoureux
LaMonte Lamoureux

Our approach

We started off with brand discovery and developed an in-depth brand strategy for LaMonte. From there we designed his branding assets and are currently developing his website.
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Brand Discovery

We worked with LaMonte through the discovery phase and gained insights about his brand, audience, and competitors

Brand Strategy

We built on our discovery to create a 20+ brand strategy booklet for LaMonte's messaging and aesthetic


We designed LaMonte's logo, brand marks, and other brand assets

Website Design

We built a custom e-commerce website for LaMonte where he can display his work and sell painting, and merchandise
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